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How Do Dose Packs Help?

The main benefits our customers report are that the packs are 'easy.....and I can see when I've forgotten to take my meds".

Improving medication compliance and reducing instances of double dosing are both big tick items for safest medication use (remember the $1.2 billion estimate for hospital admissions due to medication errors?)

Drug names are confusing! If you're mixing up your 'statins' with your 'sartens' or you rely on the colour of the tablets to differentiate what they are for, you could be in for a world of bother.​ 

We've had  patients who misunderstood their GP or specialists advice (for example) to cease their Lasix (fluid tab) and they've mistakenly ceased Losec (acid-reduction tab). You can see how that could happen with the 'sound-alike' names. Next their clinician will be wondering why their blood pressure is still low but now they're also suffering from reflux!

This is where we shine. For Webster Pak customers, we confirm med changes with the prescriber where necessary. After consultation with our clients it's usually pretty obvious when a dose alteration doesn't seem correct. We also keep a log of the changes. If you or your carer  need to know when a medication was ceased & by whom, we usually have the notes in your history profile. It's priceless to be able to furnish your clinicians with information such as why your fluid tablets were ceased (3 months per your renal specialist) 

Taking the webster pak to your clinician appointments is the ideal way to ensure everyone in your health team know your current meds. This assists with continuity of care with all of your health providers.

It's not uncommon for specialists & GPs to instigate med changes based on old medication history. If they haven't been informed of previous changes (perhaps made by other clinicians)  how would they know? Again, that's where we can help. Medication or dose changes that don't make sense ring our alarm bells and we will contact the clinician to ensure the change is correct.


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