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        Sleep Apnea Product  Range

  •   Fisher & Paykel

  •   Resmed

  •   Philips Respironics

    We stock masks, machines & spare-parts 

            (see below for spare-part info)



In addition the following services are available:

  •     Mask trials 

  •     CPAP  trouble-shooting service 

  •     Overnight sleep studies (in the comfort of your own home)          

  •     Snoring an issue?  We stock a number of aids to reduce snoring including  the Nightshift positional device 


For further information regarding sleep studies and trials, head to our booking page & click the 'i' (info) button next to the service.

   Are you in need of a spare part but need a little help? Feel free to flick a photo of the part to our email address  or mobile phone (listed on our contacts page) . Please supply as much info about the product as you are able to provide, eg machine or mask brand and model, if known. 

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